Changing Applications Boosted Efficiency at Construction Office Albi – Dotag Introduced Cost Savings Too


The Turku-based construction office Albi has relied on the Dotag worksite documentation application for several years now. Albi CEO Olli Ihamäki vividly recalls the typical worksite experience before Dotag. At that time, they used another app, which allowed the recording of only a fraction of all necessary data.

With the previous app, we were only able to document firebreaks, and even with those there were issues with certain manufacturers and materials. The application didn’t support the creation of notes or error and defect lists either. – Ilhamäki

With Dotag, notes could finally be taken in an extensive manner. A significant change at Albi has been the ability to document firebreaks even at sites that are beyond the coverage of wireless networks.

With Dotag, we are able to take notes in offline mode too, for example in shelters and basements, and the entries are updated as soon as the network connection is restored.

Ihamäki says that you needed three different pieces of software to carry out three different tasks. Now, data transfers between systems are history.

Work is more efficient as everything can be done in one app that works even on a smartphone.



No Good Old Days

Ihamäki thinks that the success of an application change is largely dependent on how easy the new application is for employees to use. A bad user experience will at worst drive the personnel back to the old ways. He praises Dotag for its simple user interface. Other Albi employees have also been satisfied, and no-one is looking back to the old days.

Commissioning was smooth, and everyone has been happy to use Dotag.

Customer satisfaction is important for the developers of Dotag, so the soon to be released next version of the app has been developed together with its current users. Albi foremen have also been consulted about what could be improved.

Aki has visited worksites to interview our foremen. We have always had the ability to provide suggestions. We are very happy that they want to work closely together with their customers. We have nothing but good things to say about the Dotag team.

Even though versatility is the most important aspect, Ihamäki also likes the positive impact that the application change has had on operating costs. He says that the monthly fee for the previous app went up as soon as the number of firebreak entries exceeded a certain limit. There is no need to think about such things anymore.

The pricing of Dotag is based on a fixed monthly charge rather than on the number of entries, so we have been saving money.

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