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  • New Dotag Mobile documentation app 

             What does the new Dotag worksite documentation app consist of

  • New mobile device features

    How does the mobile device (phone and tablet) usability improve

  • New Manager Features 

    Dotag Manager will consist a lot of new features





We have compiled this article to share with you the new features and development schedule of the Dotag work site documentation app.

Dotag application was officially launched on the Finnish market at the beginning of 2019.

As I write this, Dotag has 48 users in over 10 companies.

Dotag will only be available in Finland until the end of 2020.

The next goal is not only the Finnish market but the European market as well. The budget for the next stage of development is set at EUR 98 000.

We interviewed several companies in various industries to gather new development ideas and needs.

We are trying to match these needs as closely as possible, without losing the essence of the application, “no paper and pen for work site visits”.

This core essence means virtually a simple user interface, offline functionality on mobile devices, industry-generic, and fast deployment at no initial cost.   

A big thank you belongs to YOU, our customers and partners. Without your feedback and constructive criticism, this would not have not been possible.

I am often asked how the new development will affect pricing, to which I reply the following: Current customers can enjoy a new, more comprehensive documentation app at the same familiar price as now. For new customers, the pricing model will be very different and a little more complex.

-Aki Vänskä, CEO, 21.4.2020



It does not matter which industry You work in. Dotag gathers your worksite Markings digitally all the same. 


Dotag works equally well in the basement.


Dotag is quick and easy to set up. With training, the introduction takes only one hour. Note! No set up costs.


The user interface is as easy and intuitive to use as pen and paper.

First development phase

IOS and Android publications.

– After the next update Dotag will be available for both mobile platforms

Multi-page PDFs

– New technology enables multi-page entries to PDF drawings and layouts

Improved ZOOM- feature

– New technology enables precise and stepless zoom features.

Employees’ daily entries are displayed.

– The so-called sync feature allows you to track and comment on the entries made.

Tag multiple photos onto one marking

– This feature allows, among other things, “before/after” -images, taken into the same marking entry.

Date information and lots of new metadata inside markings

– You can search and view markings by date or by the author

Edit added markings at the office.

– Ability to include information inside a captured image, such as in Paint

Second development phase

Company-specific Custom marking tools.

It is possible to create your own tools that are best suited for your needs during work site visits.

Custom tools can be designed and set up in company settings.

Option to comment on office and worksite entries

The commenting feature improves project communication and adds comments to each specific marking.   

Comments appear directly to the person who made the entry.

Synchronizing markings

The synchronisation of entries enables collaboration between colleagues in field conditions.

Employee entries are displayed also on colleagues’ mobile devices and in Dotag Manager. 

Dotag Manager 3.0

We wanted to keep mobile usability as simple as possible. Editing worksite reports, custom markings design and report processing are done in the Dotag Manager.

General Properties

Redesigned user interface:

  • Redesigned back-end system, data replication and database set
  • A redesigned automated payment system (PayPal/credit card)
  • Each employee has their own ID -number for tracking


Editing reports

  • Preview reports
  • Update floor plan while made annotations or markings stays in place
  • Edit reports and print to Excel or Word format


Work site monitoring

  • Track the progress of annotations in real time
  • Report and approve when everything is ready


Design opportunities

  • Plan your work site visits in advance and place your notes on the floor plans
  • Design your own company-specific work site marking tools

New features and possibilities

Report editing

  • Preview reports
  • Update floor plan according to “red pen” versions 
  • Edit Reports
  • Export to Excel or Word format
  • Search for annotations by author or by category
  • Edit annotations before printing or downloading

Worksite Monitoring

  • Track your project and the progress of entries in near real time
  • Follow what each person has done
  • Accept/reject/comment on entries

Worksite Design Opportunities

  • Plan your site visit in advance
  • Pre-position notes on floor plans
  • Design your own company-specific site marking tools
  • Digital red pen versions

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