Digital Inventory of Hazardous Materials On Site

Inventory of hazardous materials. Three words that are meant to protect the safety of a ship’s crew, passengers, the repair and conversion yards.


But what is an inventory of hazardous materials exactly?


(if you are already familiar with IHM and it’s beginnings just click here to skip this part).

At it’s core, an IHM is a document that lists all of the potentially dangerous substances that are onboard a specific vessel. It is meant to protect the people that come In contact with the ship.

To get a better idea, for example when a recycling yard is about to start recycling a ship, they have to know what kind of dangerous materials are present on the vessel, and where. This way they can prepare and take the necessary precautions before they start.


Since when does IHM exist?


The first time it was brought up and adopted was at the Diplomatic Conference in Hong Kong in 2009 and it was aimed at vessel recycling.

The Hong Kong Convention did not take effect yet (it is predicted for 2023) but in 2013 the European Union adopted a ship recycling resolution.

This meant that by the end of 2016 all EU ships that were up for recycling had to have an IHM. And by the end of 2020 all EU vessels and non EU vessels that dock in EU ports have to have an IHM.



As the deadline for vessel owners to have Inventor of Hazard Materials approaches the demand for such services is growing exponentially


This good news for both the companies that offer IHM creation services and vessel owners.


For service companies it’s a huge opportunity. The demand is so high that experts believe there is simply no way all vessels can get an IHM by the 31st of december.

But it’s also good news for vessel owners as well. This is because you can now choose the companies that have the means to make sure your IHM gets done on time.


How does a typical Inventory of Hazard Materials look like?


The typical IHM creation plan looks like this:



Having worked with numerous companies, our experience tells us that the most time wasted happens in the 2nd, 3rd and final steps.


Well this is mostly due to an efficiency problem. Most companies in the industry still work with pen and paper opening up to costly mistakes that could have been easily avoided.

Paper documentation is very time consuming, even in the preparation phase.

You have to take all the documentation, all the blueprints, floorplans, everything with you so you can start adding markings and notes to the places where there are hazardous materials.

And what happens if you make a quick note, because you are stressed for time and then when you get back to the office, you have problems remembering or making out your own handwriting?

Errors happen. Costly ones.

And we haven’t even talked about preparing the full report. That is when all the mistakes, all the forgotten things start piling up. That is not good for anyone.


5 Benefits of digital IHM reporting


Luckily there is a better way to do all of this. And we can help!

  • One of the biggest advantages of going digital is that it saves you a lot of time and costly mistakes.

This why we created Dotag.

  • With Dotag you don’t have to print out everything and add notes manually. All you need is your mobile device, be it phone or tablet.
  • Just upload the plans to your device and start adding notes, measurements, photos, etc.
  • You can also be sure that every marking you make, every photo you take will stay in same place.
  • The best part? Creating the report is a breeze. After you add your markings and notes, all you have to do is press the button “Create report” and the software will automatically create a report for you.

If you are interested, we wrote an entire article about how mobile documentation is better than paper documentation.




Give Dotag a try


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Our clients save up on average 500 hours of wrok-time/year and 10 hours/person/visit.

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